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UPDATED February 28, 2011

"Gus and Guiness" Adopted by
Alaina, Mike, Aidan & Delaney, Everett

Lorna, If you could see how often Big King Gussy sits on Guiness to groom him, to play with him, to roll him, we never dreamed that everyone could be such good kitty family! Bella Luna gets in there also, but it is Gus who grooms Guiness frequently! What a sweetheart!!!

UPDATE 2/10:  The boys were keeping me company while I was sewing. The desk seems to be Gus's favorite spot for an afternoon nap, I loved how this day they were matching!

"Jaiya" Adopted by Linda, Seattle

Hi Lorna, Our new family is getting along wonderfully. I am amazed at how quickly a golden retriever, a ragdoll and a siamese have become so friendly in less than two weeks. Jaiya is amazing. I have never experienced so much love and attention from a cat. She engages Lali (the golden retriever), vigorously. They chase toys together, and when Lali loses interest, Jaiya brings the toy to her and waits for a response.

I know why you decided to raise these wonderful cats.... there is no way that one is enough.

"Molli" Adopted by Cate and Karl, Tacoma

Hi Lorna, She is so dang sweet! The first night stayed under the bed and had to be coaxed... Second night, slept on the bed with us. And this morning, followed me around until we had to leave for work. She's settling in very nicely. I'm hoping she's fast asleep and won't know we're gone until we put our key in the door.

"Sassy Grace & Bella Blu" Adopted by
Kay & Gary, East Wenatchee

Hi Lorna, Just to give you an update. Sassy and Bella are growing into beautiful young ladies. We love them dearly!!

Taking over our grand daughter's bed....

"Kosey & Izzy" Adopted by Barbara & Jim,
Gig Harbor

Lorna: This is a photo of our Kosey in a sack... they both love any box or sack that they can find, then it is a game of hide and seek. Kosey is a sweet boy with a lot of love to give to us and Izzy. He has a loud purring motor and sometimes winds up on our bed in the morning purring away. This is a photo of Izzy laying on my suitcase 'helping' me pack for a trip. They often race around the house chasing each other and minutes later are sacked out taking a nap. These guys are all about "The Love", they want to be with us and run to the door when we come in.

We feel very lucky to have found CashmereRags and to have two of your Ragdolls living with us.

UPDATE 3/11: Kosey and Izzy turn 4 years old this year. They're such wonderful cats!

"Ole & Minnie" Adopted by Glenn & Bess, Bellingham

The "twins" were 2 yrs old last 4/4. And it's still a guessing game, you never know what is going on in those cute heads. They don't seem to want a routine as one night they will be on the bed and then we won't see them on the bed for a week. Ole is so smart she can tell time!! Every morning at 5 AM (+ or - 30 minutes) she wants to eat... Still a riot around here!!

UPDATE 1/11:  Well the girls will be 5 next April 4. Time does fly by quicker than you want. I haven't got any late pictures, perhaps in a few months I'll get some for you. Ole is my alarm clock. There is no way she would let me sleep past 5 AM but that's OK as I get up early anyway. I'm glad she is that way. Minnie could care less. Quite distinctive different personalities. Merry Xmas to you.

"Jethro" Adopted by Linda, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Hi, We finally arrived home. I don't think there's a question that he's social... he purrs loudly as soon as he sees me and lays back to get comfortable. He went into Petco with me to get his food and rode nicely in the cart until we got near the cat trees and insisted on climbing them, so of course I had to buy him one. Spoiled rotten already.

UPDATE 1/11:  Relaxing in front of the fire!

"Minette and Maximus" Adopted by
Vera and Ernie, Seattle

Lorna, The kids are adjusting nicely... They are such a joy and we are thankful every day that we found you and have these little angels in our lives. Minette would have been lost without Max, so we are doubly blessed that we were able to get both of them. They are little loves. The picture of Minette I have in a 5x7, and it is the most gorgeous picture. Ernie is having a ball taking pictures.

Max & Minette have their very own gallery

UPDATE 10/108: I have little Halloween hats for Max and Minette, but so far they are more fun to play with, than to wear...Understandable, but we plan on trying for a good picture. Max is okay with it, but Minette was humiliated, and the picture I got shows it.

"Ruffles and Minta" Adopted by Jan and Dave, Oak Harbor

Hi Lorna, I just wanted to wish a Happy Mothers Day to the first Mother of my babies. Thank you so much for blessing me with them. They are beautiful, sweet, loving, funny and, all-around, wonderful. Minta (my big girl) is 14 lbs, 4 oz. now and Ruffles (my baby, baby) is 12 lbs. 4 oz. Both appear to still be growing. I know my love for them grows every day. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with them. They certainly enrich our lives.

"Oakley" Adopted by Denae & Rory, Bothell

Hi Lorna, Oakley is doing great, he made himself right at home. The first night he slept in his little kitty bed all night and waited patiently for us to get up. Of course I got up extra early, because I couldn't wait to play with him again. He's so affectionate, and loving. I just can't get enough, he's so perfect. I collect vintage pyrex mixing bowls, and he found one on the floor I was going to sell on Ebay, crawled in it and went to sleep! Of course I grabbed my camera, and got some good shots.

UPDATE 3/08:  "He is the most loved kitty in the whole world"

"Phoebe, Daisy & Gus Gus" Adopted by Brian, Chris, Annie & Sophie, Edmonds

Hi Lorna, We have had a wonderful Summer with all THREE of our new family members! Phoebe has made herself very comfortable, we can't thank you enough for allowing us to give her a home. Our house has turned into a kitty playground and we regularly see all three chasing each other throughout the house at around 9PM and 9AM - go figure! I have been very surprised to see what excellent "fetchers" they are. We have also really enjoyed how they call out to us in their sweet little voices when they are looking for us. We are enjoying them thoroughly and are so glad to have made the connection with you. We have been blessed!

"Princess Sophie" Adopted by
Lesley & Mike, Anacortes

Dear Lorna; I thought you'd love to know that Emma and Gus' prodigy is faring famously in Anacortes. She has already had two kitty play dates with her brother Sammie and is ooh-ed and awed over by whomever sees her! She is the perfect addition to our family. With Mike and her, it was love at first sight. She is very intelligent and loves to play fetch, alternating between returning the "prey" to Mike and me. She sleeps through the night with us in bed. She loves to be groomed and insists on accompanying us throughout the house. As I write she's sitting on my lap, attempting to add a few keynotes of her own. I took her in for her shots today and she weighed in at 5.2 lbs! She's wonderful, beautiful, smart, and whimsical.

UPDATE 2/08:  Our little girl is doing quite well. She's almost 6 months old and close to 9.5 pounds. Although she has boundless energy, she loves her nap time on her kitty condo. She's the perfect cat. All my friends love her...even my friends who are allergic to cats. She loves people and savours their endless compliments ("she's the most beautiful kitty I've ever seen"). She has the sweetest disposition and still loves to play fetch, I love this cat. Thank you so much for matching us together.

UPDATE 7/08:  Sophie is a big girl (she's got to be pushing 17 pounds) with an equally big heart, You'd be proud!

"Mickey Blue Eyes" Adopted by Barbara,
Kelowna, British Columbia

Hi Lorna, This little cat is absolutely joyous, comical, sweetness personified. He so wants to get into trouble, out the door, into the dryer. A few days ago I happened to lift the toilet lid at the exact same time as he became airbourne - he was in & out so fast - it was all a blur! We went to the Vet yesterday for his last vaccination & again pronounced healthy. He weighs 4lb 3oz.

I will be forever grateful to you - wish we lived closer.

UPDATE 2/11:  MBE new transport for vet visits
and between Arizona & British Columbia trips.

"Chinook & Nanaimo" Adopted by Heather, Jeff, Lain & Axel, Seattle

Hi Lorna, We've been having such a wonderful time with Nanaimo and Chinook! They are the cuddliest, sweetest pair of kittens and so much fun. They've made themselves part of the family immediately: every night when we tuck the boys into bed, the kittens join us for bedtime stories. One night they were somewhere else while Iain was being put to bed, but as I was just about to close his door, they both came running, jumped on his bed, each gave him a head rub, then ran out again. They didn't want to be left out! Many, many thanks again for sharing Nanaimo and Chinook with our family! They're a perfect fit for us and we look forward to many happy years of playtime and snuggles with them.

UPDATE 2/11: We love seeing all the adorable new kittens, and beautiful new moms and dads on your web site. I thought you might like to see some photos of our grown-up Cashmere Rags kittens, Chinook and Nanaimo. Almost three years old, they are still a little like kittens -- they love to wrestle, and when one gets the other in a headlock, the winner starts grooming the other. (Ragdolls are lovers, not fighters!) They run to greet us when we come home, and they follow me around the house most of the day - such wonderful companions. Both are the sweetest, softest, snuggliest cats ever! They are doing great and we love having them in our family.

"Misty" Adopted by Ona, Santa Barbara, California

Lorna, This is the latest photo of Misty. I thought you would like an update. She's getting her own personality now. Loves to play catch. Weighs about 4 pounds. Our neighbors, here in Santa Barbara, who have two Maltese dogs threaten to steal her. All she has to do is look at you and you've been taken in. We have the most wonderful baby. Thank you so much.

"Digger & Rocky" Adopted by Karen & Scott, North Bend

Lorna, We absolutly love them, they are so great and playful and soo soo cute! Here are some pictures!!

We can't thank you enough!

UPDATE 4/08:  I have some new ptictures I thought I would send you, they are getting so big!!

"Tiki" Adopted by Jamie & Grant, Lake Stevens

Hi Lorna: Tiki is doing great! She is really fitting in and has made the house her own. She runs around like crazy playing with her toys. She is so cuddly and loving it's great. I have attached some pics for you.

"Mimi" Adopted by Don & Chris, Edmonds

Good Morning Lorna: Don and I just wanted to let you know how much we love our new kitty. She is a joy! Happy, healthy, and playful. Always purring! The items you gave us in the gift package really helped a lot in the transition. Of course, she likes the toys you put in the best.

We really appreciated your thinking of us when you had an opening in your kitten placement schedule. We plan on loving and caring for her the rest of her life...thank you for bringing us together!

UPDATE 6/08:  Mimi at 7 months!

"Bear-Cat" Adopted by Betty & Steve, Renton

Lorna - I think Bear-Cat is adjusting pretty well already! He slept in the kennel and on my lap on the way home and seemed very calm as he investigated his new surroundings. Ivan isn't sure about him yet but I don't think it will be too long before he comes around. Got this great picture of him playing with his new toys and wanted to share it with you. Thanks so much for pointing us in his direction. He is going to really enrich our lives!

UPDATE 5/08:  We just celebrated Bear-Cat's first birthday with a Cinco de Mayo party. He had a margarita glass full of new toys! He is such a character and is a constant source of fun, affection and entertainment. Even Ivan thinks so these days. They have daily wrestling matches and chases throughout the house, and even though Bear out weights Ivan by about 6 pounds, Bear, at 15 pounds, lets him win most of the time. Thank you again for picking him out for us. He's a perfect fit in our household and I don't know what we would do without him!

"Jack" Adopted by Joyce, Lake Stevens

Hi Lorna! I was thinking about you and thought you might like an update on the Jack cat. This cat has got everybody enamored! My 16 yr old son absolutely adores him and has Jack in his lap most waking hours. Jack likes to bring you his toys when he wants to play, he will drag his toy along behind him as he searches for someone to play with. I often will find his toy upstairs outside my door! He also will play fetch, bringing his toy back to me. He is great fun. Heres a few photos of our boy.

"Macy" Adopted by Dianne, Seattle

Lorna, I just wanted to give you a quick update. Macy is doing great. She loves her new home and is quite comfortable. She and Rin have become buddies - playing and chasing each other up and down the stairs. The other day I came downstairs and found both of them with their heads in Rin's dogfood bowl chowing down together - you weren't kidding when you said she likes to eat. My hopes were realized the other evening when the two of them were laying together on the bed. Thanks again for giving us such a great, smart, well adjusted kitten.

"Tutu" Adopted by Heidi, Lake Forrest Park

Hi Lorna, I just wanted to tell you that I have a very beautiful and playful little girl, her name is Tutu! Thank you so much, I just love her. On another note, my parents were interested in a seal colorpoint female, they fell in love with Tutu and all her brothers and sisters. Thank you so much.

"World's Best"

"Bear" Adopted by Bailey, Redmond

Lorna, We finally named our kitty Bear, We all love Bear, he is a great kitty, he's everything I wished for... lots of fun, love and all boy. He's a real rascal. Bear gets along well with Sasha, although he likes to play all the time and sometimes she wants to be left alone. But after a short time, they will look for
each other.

"Punkin" Adopted by Rocky, Bothell

Lorna, I couldn't of asked for a more perfect kitten, not only does she have cutest markings her personality outshines her cuteness. She has been a doll from day 1. She was at home within 20 minutes, purring and rubbing into me. She's the most loving kitten that I've ever owned. Everywhere I go with her, everyone goes crazy over how cute she is, and want to know what breed she is. She has learned to fetch for me, I throw her toy for her and she brings it back to me and waits for me to throw it again for her. (Just like a dog.) For anyone who is looking for a GREAT Ragdoll kitten, I highly recommend Lorna and her kittens. She has the nicest and cleanest cattery that I've ever been to.( I have had purebreds for over 35 years.) Lorna, I can't thank you enough.

UPDATE 7/07:  Punkin now 11 months old. What a beauty!

"Layla" Adopted by Susan, Mercer Island

Dear Lorna, Layla is so completely everything we were hoping for. Crazy, loving, such sweetness, courage, curiosity and so much fun -- she has lit up our lives. Thank you so much for being sure we got a love-bug to take home. Your diligence creating such a marvelous cattery is so appreciated. Everyone who meets her says she's the most beautiful kitten they have ever seen. Her eye markings look like they were air-brushed on!

"Percy & Penny" Adopted by Julie & Steve, Auburn

Lorna, They are doing great. It took them four days before they decided that they would come downstairs. They now run all over the house. They seem to like to be where ever we are at all times. They follow us everywhere and are into everything. It's just like having a baby again. Percy has turned out to be the true Ragdoll. When you pick him up he just relaxes and lays in your arms. Penny doesn't really like to be held, she has things to do, places to see!!

"Bailey" Adopted by Tonja, Everett

Hi Lorna! I can't thank you enough for my baby! He is such a sweet heart. He loves going places with me. He either curls up in my lap in the car when I'm driving or curls up around the back of my neck and purrs until he falls asleep. Nothing even phases him. He is just calm as can be and loves to snuggle all day and all night. He is exactly the kitty I have been waiting forever for. All my friends and family are in love with him. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! He is a dream come true.

"Maggie & Taz" Adopted by Robin, Seattle

Hi Lorna, I just wanted to report on my beautiful kittens! They are happy and healthy and providing all the love and affection I had hoped for and so much more. They saw my vet for the first time last Saturday, and were very popular with the staff and other pet owners. Taz weighed in at 5 lbs 3 oz and Maggie at 4 lbs 15 oz, so I guess they're both right on target, and growing so rapidly. I actually had a "kitten-warming" party last Friday so that my friends could visit with them and meet them before they turn into their teens. My friends were enthralled. I'm very happy with these two. Thank you so much for everything, Lorna. It really is special to have them in my life.

UPDATE 2/07:  Taz and Maggie now one year old at their new home in Astoria.

"Holly" Adopted by the Hartje Family,
Lake Forest Park

Hi Lorna, Well I had Holly at the vet today and she is a very healthy little girl. She now weighs 2# 2 oz. which is what Tyler weighed when he was born. Everybody loves her. She is very comfortable in our home. She has certainly let the dogs know who the princess in our family is. Katie the cat isn't sold on her yet, but they've left each other alone. Thank-you again for the wonderful job you did of raising her. She is an absolute delight.

"Hobbes" Adopted by the Pierce Family, Erie, Pennsylvania

Hi Lorna, Hobbes is doing just great! He is absolutely the sweetest cat possible and he is a constant companion. Wherever we are, there he is! He still fetches all the time and the kids just shower him with love and affection and he takes all of it. We truly could not have asked for a more perfect cat for our household. I will try and take some better ones where you can see his eye color and his size. Thank you again for this wonderful cat.

"Robbie" Adopted by Trudy, Edmonds

Hi Lorna, Robbie is a real character and very smart -- also very active! We have a long rambler and he gallops at full speed from one end to the other. He is very curious. We can't open a door or cupboard or do something different but he's right there... Also, he is very friendly with people visiting us and even a large dog doesn't bother him. He's a very
laid-back cat.

UPDATE 1/06: I've got to say, even after only three months, I think he is the best cat I've ever had and I've had lots of them. The combination of looks, personality and intelligence can't be beat.

"Noodle" Adopted by Sue, Snoqualmie Pass

Hi Lorna, I just wanted to let you know that the Noodle has fit in - just like she has always been with us. We are having so much fun with her. Thank you so much again - we will keep in touch and send pictures.

UPDATE 8/05:   I must tell you she is a complete joy. Both she and our whippet get along very well, she has discovered toilet paper and enjoys both unrolling it and spreading it through out the bathroom. She also enjoys retrieving a small ball. Actually she is better a retrieving then our dog. Again, she is
pure joy.

"Sophie & Mr. Polkadot " Adopted
by Sandy Olson, Seattle

Lorna, I have been so busy with the kitties and having such fun that I havent taken time to send an email. They are wonderful. Sophie is so funny in the morning. She is just full of jumps, chases and mischief. Mr. P. is a character but a true love. Very affectionate and loves to play in the bath tub. He carries something in his mouth a good part of the time and if it is a favorite toy he actually growls like a dog. They both have wonderful motors and love to be held. Everyone that sees them falls in love with them. They are very personable and they will sit with Elise (3 year old grand daughter) for an hour or more and play with her. She sits on the floor and sings to them and rolls them toys and pets them and it seems like a mutual admiration society. I am so pleased to have gotten two of them.

UPDATE 12/07: Mr. Polkadot and Sophie enjoying the sunshine from the window sill.

"Mily" Adopted by Patty, Juneau, Alaska

Hi Lorna, Little Mily did her "Ragdoll" sleep in my arms last night while we were watching TV. She is such a love, I couldn't be happier with her. This morning she tried to perform derma abrasion on my face to wake me up. (I think my nose is looking younger.) I can't remember the last time I woke up laughing and feeling so happy. Mily has come into my heart and life. I can't thank you enough for this precious little girl.

"Gusto II" Adopted by Chad, Loral, Hannah & Asheley, Stanwood

Thank you so much for our beautiful cats. We enjoy them and love them so much. We are so thankful that we made the decision to get one and thank you for letting us give Omarosa a good home. We couldn't be happier. I look at how beautiful they are and can't believe I have the privilege of owning such beautiful cats! Everyone that sees them falls in love. I have emailed your website to a couple of people who are very interested in owning a Ragdoll.

UPDATE 5/06:  Gus and Omarosa sitting in the window watching the birds, bunnies and squirrel.

UPDATE 6/08:  (The Krutsinger family adopted another Ragdoll kitten into their family!)

Hi Lorna, Last night Zac really warmed up to us and purrs everytime you touch him. He talks alot and cries when he can't find us. He slept in between Chad and I all night. He likes to bite toes! He meows when he wants to play or wants to snuggle. He is going to be a real love bug!

"Snowmee" Adopted by Kaliman Family, Tumwater

Good morning Lorna! For two days now, Snowmee and Monty are inseperable. Where one is, the other one is too -- and usually in a room with one of us! They play lots! Mostly run and tumble seems to be the game! Thank you for such a well adjusted kitten. He never missed a beat settling in.

"Tango" Adopted by Jennifer & Scott, Issaquah

Hi Lorna! Tango is so incredibly sweet and adorable, and very cuddly.... Love the fact that Tango easily lets us brush and comb him, and that he readily climbs into our laps. We are very happy with him!

UPDATE 03/06: Tango at one year old


"Polly" Adopted by MacKenzie, Bellevue

Hi Lorna, Here are a few pics of Polly! I work from home and she's more like a little puppy dog that a kitty! She follows me around everywhere! She never meows, but when she does it's because she can't find what room of the house I am in and the meow is more of a SQUEEK! I love her.

"Maverick & Goose" Adopted by Susan & Family,
Wake Forest, NC

Hello, We just had the boys weighed, Maverick is 8 lbs. & Goose 9 lbs. 2 ozs! They each gained almost 3 pounds in the last month. They're so sweet and wonderful with our kids! Our whole family is enjoying them so much. My parents just met them for the first time & they can't get over how beautiful they are. Thanks so much for working with me so we could have our perfect babies!

UPDATE 12/10: Maverick and Goose are wonderful. They have the best personalities. We are so thankful to have them in our family! Have a wonderful holiday!

"Tallulah" Adopted by
Lodie, Alan & Blake, Bothell

Hi Lorna! I'll attach a couple of photos of Angel Kitty from last weekend.....She absolutely loves traveling to the island! She is an island girl for sure! She is growing quite fond of Miss Gracie....she head butts her on the nose every morning and night! Almost like a greeting of sisterly love! And she just loves playing in water!!! We find her rolling around in the shower, draped across the bath tub, and drinking out of the sink faucet! We can't wash our faces or flush the toilet without her being right there to watch the water flow! It's comical.....she is a character and we absolutely adore her!

UPDATE 6/08: She has found a favorite spot! She wraps herself around the base of a lighthouse statue that sits on the shelf next to the stairs. Every time we pass by her, she reaches out her fluffy paws to touch us almost like a right of passage!

"Benjamin" Adopted by Kari, Bellevue

Lorna, Today is Benjamin's 6 month birthday. I have attached a picture taken today so that you can see what a big boy he is (all 11lbs). You have given me a wonderful gift that I cherish every day. He is a special boy who likes to play fetch with paper wads, pull tails off of toy mice, comes to sleep with me when I use a phrase "bedtime for bonzo's"... He has taken to become the king of the castle to my roomates pets. Even trying to play with her 70lb dog. He has no fear and likes to meet everyone, even the neighbor who came by the house to say hello. Now that I have Benjamin I don't know what I did without him.

UPDATE 7/08: Hi Lorna, I wanted to send you a few pictures of Benjamin since he's a year old now. He has gotten so big, and is as wonderful as ever! He likes to venture out onto the deck if I'm out there and sit in the shade.

"Seamus" Adopted by Melissa & Sean, Portland

Hi, Lorna. I couldn't resist sending you these pics. (I'm such a proud mama!) Seamus is the perfect fit for our family -- honestly, I don't think he and Finn could be better matched. We're absolutely in love with is everyone who comes over to visit!

UPDATE 10/07: Thought you would appreciate these beauties! Seamus and Finn are quite the twosome.

UPDATE 4/08: Seamus, all grown up!

"Mousse" Adopted by Laura, Jon, Kristi & Paige, Snohomish

Good Morning Lorna, It's me - Mousse who went home with the Eaton Family. I just wanted to let you know that I am transitioning great at my new home. I have been wild, crazy, playful and curious while being loving and sweet all within a short time. I sure do purrrr a lot when I am held and cuddled...

I thought I would send you a couple pictures of me on my new kitty tree so you could see that I am happy, adjusting and doing well.

ps. My 'new' Mama wanted to thank you for breeding such kitties like me :) so many families and homes could enjoy us!

UPDATE 6/03: Since pictures speak a thousand words...

"Surrey" Adopted by Ann, Bothell

Hi Lorna, I thought youd like to know that Surrey is doing just great! She loves her feline and canine brothers and when shes had enough of them comes to me to cuddle and chat. What a charmer. Im so thrilled with her shes such a girl in so many ways and at other times with total abandon and commitment attacks her siblings to get a tussle going. She can be a tough little thing!

"Aidan & Nadia" Adopted by
Caitlin & Chris, Lake Stevens

Hi Lorna, I just wanted to share a few quick pictures of Aidan and Nadia with you (Aidan is Nadia spelled backwards). I'm a terrible photographer...but hopefully you can still tell how fast they are growing. Aidan is even bigger since I took these pictures a week ago! They are so precious, adorable, playful and lovable!

"Chloe" Adopted by
Cara & Ethan, Renton

Hi Lorna, She is such a sweet cat. My son loves to pick her up and give her kisses on the head. She seems to really like how he carts her around everywhere. She and Gobi both greet us at the door and if my son doesn't pick her up, she keeps circling around his feet and "bumping" her head on him until he does. Thank you so much for her, we just love her already!

UPDATE 1209: I just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays! Hope you and your family are doing well. Ethan and I adore Chloe, she is wonderful. Everyone who meets her falls in love! She is about a year and a half now and I swear she gets more and more beautiful as she grows!

"Felina & Loki"Adopted by
Janelle & Albert, Bothell

Hey Lorna, Just wanted to give you a quick update. Felina has taken to our house and made it her own. She follows us around and sleeps on the bed with us. She is the PERFECT kitten! Loki is a sweetheart but he is still a little shy, but everyday he gets bolder. He won't sleep on our bed because he keeps falling off. He is a total LOVE and we just adore them. They are our sweet angels and we love them! Felina and Loki have given us so much joy already!

"Mabel" Adopted by Heather, Fortune, Madeline & Macklann, Kirkwood, MO

Dear Lorna, Thank you for the most wonderful kitten ever! Wow! She is amazing! She is SO SWEET! She is quite a trooper! Fortune had hours of flight delays due to plane mechanical problems and weather. He said she was very peaceful during the first half of the trip and towards the second half started to meow quietly a little (who could blame her!). Fortune said she did better than most of the people on the was quite a long journey. Madeline is especially enamored and has chatted all day with Mabel. This kitten purrs non-stop. The only time I have heard her stop purring is at the vets and when she is deep in sleep. She has managed to win all of us over. Fortune said Mabel can sure work a crowd....she finds a way to win over everyone's heart in a fitting manner. Macklann does the more active play with the toys and Mabel loves the activity. We are in LOVE! Thank you so much Lorna. Mabel has made a wonderful addition to our family! We will send you some photos in the future.

"Sir Winston & Baron von Bailey" Adopted by Sandra, Olympia

Okay Lorna -- YOU'VE DONE IT -- you've bred the two most perfect little guys, ever! These two are the two goofiest, loving, silly, smart, tinklingest, bing-bongenest, best grandchild tolerating cats that ever were! Bailey -- Has developed into an absolute love and could be the poster boy for Ragdoll temperment! He loves to be with me at night and wants to be held. Winston -- Is not as demanding of attention as often, but he has to be close to me wherever I am. His meow is perfect and full of character and his purring is loud. The Boys are so good about things. Their nails are clipped often and they are tolerant. They are combed daily after a massage which they love. I get the grooming comb out and they hop onto the bed and wait for me to get there. Well, the fact remains I have the two most wonderfully, perfect little guys to ever come from CashmereRags! I am trully thankful for them.

"Michaelangelo & Leonardo" Adopted by Marcella and Emigdio, Duvall

Hi Lorna! We are so happy to have the two boys in our home. We love both of them very much! They are so cute just like brothers! Wrestling, playing, running, and then always asking my husband and I for love and affection. They both have very mild, and sweet personalities that one can't help but to fall in love with them!! They both give kisses and have been diving on the floor, with belly ups asking for love!!! They are so sweet! They are the best addition that we could ever ask for!!! Thank you so much! Again, they are the best things ever!!

"Papi & Mojo" Adopted by Kathy, Dupont

Hi Lorna, I thought I would send you a few pictures to show you how they are doing. Don't panic when you see they are outside because we have a good catfence system in place! They are both happy and healthy, and the joy of our lives. Papi is just the sweetest, most loving boy. Mojo - well, sometimes I think he's a border collie trapped in a cat's body. He's very social and vocal, and energetic, but then sometimes he just craves affection. I'm so happy we chose to adopt two, because they have the most fun together.

"Maverick & Bella" Adopted by
Arica & Eddie, Snohomish

Hi Lorna, I know it's been awhile, but I just wanted to let you know how much Eddie and I love Maverick and Bella. They are so cuddly and soft. Just like cashmere! I will send pictures soon! They're so big!

"Bamboo & Blossom" Adopted by
Becky & Brian, Kent

Hi Lorna, I'm glad you enjoyed photos of Blossom & Bamboo. When I get the chance, I'll email you more photos of both of them. I have lots of cute photos... so hard to pick. We're really enjoying both kitties in our home. They are the best cats I've ever owned!

"Matilda" Adopted by Julia, John, Emma and Stella Rose, Sammamish

Hi Lorna, What I love about Matilda is she is soft as Cashmere, so good name of your cattery! Also, she is so talkative and smart. I like how she answers you when you say something to her. And she LOVES to be cuddled and held and will sometimes cry just to be picked up and loved. She is so adorable and I am so lucky you called us first to get "pick of the litter"! We really really can't tell you enough how much we love her! Oh my gosh, just look at her cute face!

"Rudy & Ramona" Adopted by Anita, Auburn

Hi Lorna, I want you to know how much I love my Rudy and Ramona. They are beautiful and loving and very friendly to everyone who comes to the house. They follow me from room to room enjoying my company, but they are rarely out of each others' site. At night they sleep with me. Ramona is often on top of my head! They are very well behaved and use their beautiful big scratching post.. having never damaged anything in my house. They are delightful companions and I thank you again for bringing them into my life.

"Gunner" Adopted by Alice & Gary, Bellevue

Hi, Lorna Gunner is supremely curious, investigating every nook and cranny, and has to be present immediately after we open a cupboard or a drawer. Even if hes napping, hell be there shortly after its opened! Hes very intelligent and loves to play fetch with his mouse. Ive attached some pictures for you to see... I hope you find him as beautiful as
we do.

UPDATE 03/06: Gunner with newly adopted brother, Tucker... doing some quilting.

Computer work is so exhausting!

"Bailey" Adopted by Delaney and the McKnight Family, Bothell

Hi Lorna, Bailey is a charmer. Everyone who comes to visit immediately falls in love with his sweet little face. He is incredibly social, & very flexible. Of his two car rides, he's never cried once. And at the vet today, you'd think it was a kitty field trip... He and Delaney are best buddies.

UPDATE 12/06: Bailey carefully supervised on the back deck in the snow.

"Loki" Adopted bRobon family, Kirkland

Lorna, Loki has exceeded our expectations. He has really been a fun cat and he has a wonderful disposition with the kids. Please feel free to use Loki's picture. We think he is a really good looking boy!

"Miss Lucy" Adopted by Cameron Timmerman & Family, Covington

Hello Lorna, I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know Lucy is doing great! She has adjusted beautifully She is quite the character and has enough personality to fill a warehouse! Her potty habits are superb so far and she purrs more than any cat I have been around. I like to believe she must be very happy. Lorna, Cam and I can't thank you enough for this little treasure. Our family adores her and can't get enough of her. I'll send pictures as she grows.

UPDATE 06/06: Here is Miss Lucy in all her beauty! She is THE most wonderful kitty. She is hilarious....growls like a dog and races through the house like a mad woman. Her and our little dog are best buddies. They wrestle each other all of the time and curl up to sleep when they are done!

"Chole" Adopted by Cathy, Everett

Chole is doing fine. Went to the vet last week for her last vaccination and she gained 2 pounds. Now weighs 6 pounds... She is almost like having a new grandbaby. Ill have to start a scrap book just for all her baby pictures. If you have time I would appreciate pictures of her brothers and sisters.

UPDATE 03/06: Can't even begin to tell you how much we love this cat. She is beautiful, loving and does such off the wall stuff. Their sleeping positions are so comical.

UPDATE 03/09: Chole does a lot of sleeping. Wouldn't think she would be comfortable in that shot... My second life, please God let me come back as a Ragdoll kitty.

"Tango & Cash" Adopted by Peggy & Errol, Mercer Island

Lorna, I have been so tardy in keeping in touch with you on the progress Tango and Cash. Time has flown and they are so big. Tango is clocking in at 15 pounds and Cash is right behind him at 14 pounds. Tango is just like Gus in size and fur. So very laid back, flops on his back with all fours splayed out. Cash is longer, leaner and has shorter fur. But he still has that "perfect heart" on his forehead. They both go running to the door when they hear someone come in. Just like dogs, very friendly. We can't thank you enough for giving us the gift of our two boys.

"Lola" Adopted by Judy, Lynnwood

Hi Lorna, Just a quick note
to let you know that Lola is doing great and that she is a joy to have. She sleeps with me and my only fear is that I might roll over on her. Thank you for such a beautiful little girl.

UPDATE 2/07: Lola's favorite spot to flop.

"Dolly Bug" Adopted by
Stacey & Michael, Woodinville

Hi Lorna, How are you? I hope things are going well for you. Precious is doing really good. She has adjusted very well. She is almost 5lbs. It's so fun to watch her grow. One favorite thing of mine she has been doing is laying on my shoulder while I do dishes:). I love it!

UPDATE 05/06: We have been enjoying her so much. I can't get over how
beautiful she is.

UPDATE 1/11: Dolly has a new home with Fred in Seattle. Fred says Dolly is terrific company since he works from home. Dolly looks very happy!

"Palmer" Adopted by Midge, Spokane

Hi- What a sweetheart! He even played with his toys in the car (on the way home). He was eating and using the litter box without problems. He slept with my grandaughter and me and is finding his way around the house. My other ragdoll finds him very interesting and wants to be where he is, but doesn't yet want him too close... I'll get some pictures and keep you posted and let you know what his name is - Thanks again!! He's perfect!!!

"Emma Bleu" Adopted by Diane, Sherwood, Oregon

Hi Lorna, I just want to let you know that Emma is doing wonderfully... If she is not playing or exploring, she is sleeping in one of our laps and last night slept all night in our bed with us. So, in short, she seems to have settled right in and is not displaying any shyness at all--we love her!! Thanks so much for all of your help and for giving us such an adorable little girl. I'll send you some pictures before too long.

UPDATE 11/05:  Sleeping in one of her favorite spots at the foot of our bed.

UPDATE 8/08:  Emma Bleu is doing great--she just gets more beautiful every day and everyone comments on what a lovely nice kitty she is. You may remember that we already had a cat and were concerned how they would get along. We are so pleased that it worked out wonderfully--they are the best of friends, sleep together, play together, share the same food and are really ideal companions. Thanks again for the wonderful kitten.

"Harley" Adopted by
The Birchman family, Bothell

We are having such a great time with Harley. We can't thank you enough. He has been such a joy. He is so loving. He follows me everywhere... Thank you so much for such a wonderful friend.

UPDATE 12/06: This is one of Harley's favorite spots.

"Josie" Adopted by Kelly, Bothell

Josie has been an absolute joy to have in our home. She and our other kitten Valentino run around the home like crazy kittens. Her personality is quite similar to our last Ragdoll. She is very loving, on her terms of course. She is also quite an independent kitten but likes to be in the same room as us. We love her to pieces.

"Mora" Adopted by Leslie, Gig Harbor

Hello Lorna, Just wanted to give you a quick update on Mora - she is purrfection! Such a complete sweetness about her that is unmistakably Ragdoll. She likes to give me kisses and cuddling is fun, although she is a true runway cat with her little tail up sashay, making sure we know how beautiful she is. Thank you again for allowing me to adopt this wonderful little girl, she quickly worked her way into our hearts!

"Mittzie" Adopted by
The Wiltamuth Family, Seattle

Hi Lorna, Just wanted to let you know that Mittzie is doing great. Shes the best! She loves to hang out with us in the family room and always wants to be near the kids. She is very patient with them and, in turn, they are in love with her. My husband is very impressed with her, especially her great jumping skills. Thanks so much!

UPDATE 5/05:  All of our friends love her and say she is the perfect cat. We agree completely. I always refer them to you!

"Micky Blue" Adopted by Debby, Anacortes

Hello Lorna, ...As you can see by the pictures, Micky seems to have settled right in and is a big help (wink) in my office. He enjoyed following the cursor around while I prepared a bid sheet for an upcoming job we have. :) He allows Scooters (our dog) to give him little love bites on the neck. Micky just rolls over on his back and plays with Scooters ears. They are very sweet together. My husband thinks he's a real special kitty and we are both enjoying him very much. Thank you very much for such a lovely boy!

UPDATE 12/06:  As you can see he is turning out to be a very handsome boy! Everyone who sees him loves him - and he loves everyone, too... Micky weighs about 9.5 pounds... His favorite toys are my ponytail bands. He usually brings one to me first thing in the morning. He loves to play fetch with it. My arm gets sore from throwing the darn thing before he tires out. He is very charming and I just wanted to let you know how much we are appreciating him!


"Cosmo" Adopted by Judy,
Portland, Oregon

Hi Lorna and Hannah,
Well as you can see, Cosmo and Fritz are making a great adjustment to each other. They are so much fun! Everyone just loves little Cosmo, and he is so much fun for me and Fritz.

UPDATE 2/07:  As you can see the kitties and I are having a nice time in the sunshine (in Palm Desert). We have an enclosed patio where Fritz and Cosmo can get out and enjoy nature. Isn't Cosmo fetching?

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