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RW TGC CashmereRags Stetson

Stetson is our gorgeous seal point mitt male. His vocal purr and floppiness
is just the beginning of his wonderful temperament. His sweet mannerism is apparent in the head butts, cat kisses, and big paws kneading in the air. Stetson
has a plush coat, heavy boning and the deepest blue eyes.

2006 ~ Best Ragdoll Kitten, TICA NW Region

2006 ~ 4th Best Ragdoll Kitten, TICA International

2006 ~ 11th Best Allbreed Kitten,  TICA NW Region

2007 ~ 3rd Best Ragdoll Cat,  TICA NW Region

  Pacificats Tweedledee of CashmereRags

  Tweed is a perfectly marked seal bicolor with an
  outstanding temperament. His favorite place is
  in a lap. And just look at those gorgeous eyes!
  Thank you so much my good friends at Pacificats,
  Lies & Willem-Jan, for this sweet boy!

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