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Our house

Our cattery was built within our home's garage area. It allows close accessibility to our cats as well as an outside entrance for visitors. We designed the cattery to have the look and feel of an extension of our home. Somewhere we would want to spend a great deal of time.

   From large windows, our cats can enjoy watching the
   chickens, squirrels and other animals who frequent the
   grounds surrounding the cattery.




   The main entrance area has a complete kitchen so that all
   food prep and bathing can be done there. Visitors are asked
   to remove their shoes and wash before handling the kittens.

   A heat recovery system was installed to continuously bring
   fresh air in and expel stale air. This unit keeps the cattery
   smelling fresh.


Our cats are separated by smaller rooms, never caged. These rooms help keep peace in the cattery by allowing queens and their litters to have an area of their own.

Storm doors with retractable screens were installed for the stud quarters and larger rooms. They give great visibility and the screens can be open or closed for more sound privacy. The door sills for some of the rooms were raised to allow easy access into rooms with young kittens.

Interior windows

Exterior door windows

   Large exterior windows
and a retractable garage door allow lots of natural light into the cattery. The rooms have large plate glass windows between them to give the cattery a more open feel.

Our queens and kittens are rotated between the cattery and our home. By staggering the breedings, our cattery is still small enough to enjoy birthing our queens within our home. The kittens remain in our home until they are ready for litter training. These smaller rooms make this task so much easier. Once trained, the kittens are allowed back into our home for further socialization.

Stud rooms web

   Each kitten is given a full exam and receives their age appropriate vaccinations by
   a licensed veterinarian. All kittens sold as pets are altered prior to leaving for their
   forever homes. Our cattery has been inspected and was awarded an Outstanding
   Cattery certificate from The International Cat Association.

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