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After 10 years of breeding these amazing cats,
CashmereRags has closed its cattery. As I'm sure
you know, it takes a lot of work to keep a cattery
running when you're trying to do it the right way.
I'm hoping to pursue some other interests as well
as enjoy more freedom to travel. Thank you to all
those familes who have loved and cared for the
kittens they've adopted from my cattery. I feel
truly blessed and will always cherrish the many
friendships developed from these adoptions.

All of my retired breeders have been adopted. Thank you to all those families who have opened their homes and hearts to these special cats.

If interested in purchasing a Ragdoll kitten or a beautiful retired adult, I am still referring to Fay McGee-Waldner of Chatandolls in Canada. Fay can be contacted through her website at Chatandolls Ragdolls or
at(403) 843-2544.

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