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  CH CashmereRags Sweet Juliet

  Juliet is the offspring of our retired breeders CH Chatandolls Gusto
  and Dandenong Cracklin Rose. This girl is big boned and has a silky,
  long coat. Juliet is the sweetest girl and oh so floppy!

DGC Purrla Gingersnap of CashmereRags

Ginger is a seal mitt and they just don't get any sweeter! She runs to greet you, so talkative and litterally throws herself on the floor in front of you for attention. She has a beautiful long silky coat, great head type and gorgeous eye color. Thank you Elaine for entrusting me with this special girl.

2006 ~ Best Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll, TICA SW Region

  CashmereRags Yahtzee

  Meet our newest female Yahtzee. She is a seal mitt. At just one
  year old, Yahtzee is our largest female. She gets her size from her
  parents, Indigo and Juliet. We are in hopes of having kittens from
  Yahtzee in early Spring, 2014.

RW Catnip Lillie of CashmereRags

Lillie is a large boned seal mitt, also from IW SGC Echoglen Sampson. She made us proud taking 3rd best Ragdoll kitten
at the 2010 International Ragdoll Congress held in Denver.
Lillie's temperament is amazing! Thank you Leslie for this
wonderful girl!

2011 ~ 17th Best Allbreed Kitten, TICA NW Region

  RW CH Pacificats Amelie of CashmereRags

  Amelie is a blue tortie bicolor with an amazing soft, silky coat and
  sweet temperament. Just look at her and she purrs! Amelie is a
  granddaughter of Indigo. I'm excited about bringing this new color
  into my breeding program. Thank you Liesbeth and Willem-Jan for
  such a lovely girl!

  2013 ~ 15th Best Allbreed Kitten, TICA NW Region

DGC CashmereRags Ol' Fashion Rose

Rose is a blue bicolor. She is one of my larger females with gorgeous sapphire blue eyes. Rose made me so proud when awarded the 2nd best Ragdoll kitten at the 2012 International Ragdoll Congress held in York, Pennsylvania. Rose's first litter is due Fall of 2013.

2012 ~ 2nd Best Ragdoll Kitten, International Ragdoll Congress

  Chatandolls Rayna of CashmereRags

  Rayna is a seal bicolor. The perfect symetrical V pattern gives her such
  a sweet look. She has the most plush coat and beautiful blue eyes. I
  hope to have kittens from Rayna Spring of 2014. Thank you Fay for this
  gorgeous girl!

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