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UPDATED June 1, 2011

"Lola" Adopted by Teresa & Ed, Wenatchee

Hello Lorna, Lola is doing so well. She slept with us the first night, is eating well, and adjusting much quicker than I anticipated. She has toured the house, met the grandchildren with no shyness! I can't thank you enough for her! She is a talker, calls me if she thinks I'm out of her sight and purrs more than any kitten I've ever had. Thanks for the phone call yeaterday. You are an exceptional lady who definitely cares about the kittens you entrust to all of us. Lola weighs 2#10oz. Our vet looked her over and as we knew, she's healthy. She had her picture taken by four of the office girls with their phones so they could show her to friends. She was quite a hit and of course the beautiful blue eyes are a topic of conversation. She did well in the travel crate and will take her for short trips so she really will be a traveler. Thanks again for my girl!

"Lulu" Adopted by
Katie and Famiy, Arlington

Hi Lorna! Well, what a birthday!! It went so well. Lulu was immediately the star of the show...and loved. Katie was granddaughter Lily said, "Thank you Grammie!! This is the best birthday gift EVER!" She was calm, and playful,
and ready to cuddle and purr...all at once. What a perfect kitten! I have already had 3 calls..."kitten up-dates" so far this morning. One to tell me how she was zooming around...and ended up jumping into Emmy's oatmeal bowl! Great fun.

So, thank you...happy kitten, happy daughter... quite perfect! Mary

"Beau and Sami" Adopted by
Mary and Kirk, Anacortes

Hi Lorna, Sami and Beau started playing on Sunday and have become best friends. It's hysterical watching Sami chasing Beau down the hall where they usually end up on the landing at the steps and enjoying playing who can get higher on the steps to look down on the other one.

UPDATE 9/10: Beau is getting very big - I think he is going through a growth spurt right now - his head and paws are huge. Lorna, I probably sound like a broken record with Sami but he is absolutely the sweetest Ragdoll I've ever had; you must have feed him sweetness pills every day.

UPDATE 10/10: Sami is just a love muffin and loves to cuddle with his brothers (kind of whether they invite him or not).

"Augustus" Adopted by
Yoko, Bryan & Family, Sammamish

We just wanted to let you know that "Gus has settled in nicely, and weve been having a wonderful time with him this past week and a half. He was a bit intimidated by the big house for the first day or two, but he soon got used to it and now hes pretty much running the place. Hes a very well-behaved and sociable catalways wants to be where the people are, but doesnt get underfoot; loves to be petted, but doesnt insist on it. Hes such a sweet kitten!

UPDATE 12/09:  A stocking stuffer... Happy Holidays!

"Bella Rose" Adopted by
Taera & Michael, Carnation

Hello, Lorna!
My Bella Rose is doing fantastic. She's really outdone herself and has surpassed all my expectations in having a Ragdoll Cat, as a pet. She has really turned out to be a powerful and good influence on us and has just a beautiful gem of a heart and is obviously of the finest breeding. She's healthy, loving, peaceful, and an incredibly fast learner, and just loves to be with her family at all times.

"Griff" Adopted by
Lindsey, Matt & Aidan, Snohomish

Hi Lorna,
We just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how much we love having this little guy around! He has adjusted wonderfully and is so charming and affectionate. He makes us laugh everyday with his little playful growl and is very social and loving. We've only had him 3 weeks and already don't know what we'd do without him! We will keep you updated as he continues to grow!

"Neo and Bella Blue" Adopted by
Kim, Jeff and family, Mercer Island

This was taken back in October so they are much bigger now. Neo and Bella are doing great.They are getting so big. Neo just loves his Bella Blue. He loves to lay on her and lick her to death. The funny thing is that Bella looks like she is going to be bigger than Neo. Her coat is just beautiful. She is quite the talker. She meows and purrs at the same time. Neo is still so very sweet and tolerates anything. He has the fluffiest tail. Both of our kitties are quite the fetchers. We cant help but spoil them with lots of toys.

"Panzer" Adopted by Robin and Collin, Seattle

Lorna,This little angel that you have given us is the most well adjusted kitten that Collin and I have ever met! He made our home his own very quickly and soon had everyone under his spell. We have also begun calling him our little shoulder kitty because whenever possible he loves to sit on our shoulders. Panzer also likes to "help" with the chores, such as making the bed (making the bed now takes twice as long, but he is so cute that it is worth it). We can't thank you enough for the blessing that you have given us! The kittens that you raise are truly treasures and we are so grateful that we found you and your wonderful cattery. Thank you so much for everything that you do.

UPDATE 2/11 Collin and I can't believe that Panzer will be turning 1 year old next month! Panzer has taken to lying on his back in the middle of the floor when he wants his belly rubbed knowing that he is too cute for us to resist.

"Kona" Adopted by Sirena and Steve, Marysville

Hi Lorna, She's getting bigger and is very happy. She's quite active, funny and loveable. It feels like we've had her for longer than just 3 weeks.

UPDATE 3/11: Kona's first birthday.


"Cady" Adopted by Tonya & Craig, Bothell

Hi Lorna, Cady is not only a pretty girl but she has the sweetest temperament I've ever seen in a kitty. We took Cady to the vet for her shots and the vet mentioned that he has never seen eyes as blue as Cady's! I'll send new pictures soon.

UPDATE 02/11: Cady is now 7 months and weighs 8 pounds - I think most of that is her tail! She enjoys being combed and even rolls over to make sure I get both sides and her belly. The process leaves her very happy and stretched out over most of the sofa! She is never far away and has established a favorite place to sleep in each room of the house so she can be with us. Thank you so much for our beautiful girl!

UPDATE 4/11: Cady at 10 months weighing 10.2 pounds.

"Sadie" Adopted by Catherine and Brandon, Kirkland

Hi Lorna,

Sadie is sleeping on the bed the first night! She seems to be adjusting well.

UPDATE: Sadie is doing great. She's getting big! We saw you are having kittens again and are interested in getting a playmate for Sadie.

UPDATE 03/11: Sadie with her new sister Maycie.

"Lacey's Girl" Adopted by Jan, Seattle

Dear Lorna: I could not be happier with a million dollars than I am with my wonderful little Lacey's Girl. She is so precious and is "wowing" everyone who walks through my door. She is recognized as someone very special, very special indeed. My whole family is in love with her.

She loves Gunner and gives him kisses when he is lying down. And he is doing a fabulous job of tolerating her continual batting of his ears and nose and biting of his tail. He is extremely tolerant. She actually stands on her rear legs and hops over to him batting at his nose with both front legs. It is a sight to see.

Just wanted to bring you up to date with my beautiful Lacey. She is a joy and I love her immensely.

UPDATE 02/11: Lorna, she is such a tremendous blessing to me -so much company along with Gunner. She is such a healthy and happy kitten. I adore her as does my whole family. She was a perfect match for Gunner and me and we love her to pieces. I am forever grateful that you let me know she was available. She will be 9 months the end of February and weighs 12#. And that precious chirping just warms my heart. When I come in the door from being gone a couple of hours, she greets me with that wonderful chirp!

"Pippin and Merry" Adopted by
Shelly and Dave, Sultan

Most mornings I wake up surrounded by cats - they are truly best buds, and are never far from one another whether it's nap time or play time. Play time can be absolutely hysterical - I call it the 8-legged circus. Both cats are fascinated by their large water bowl - I've never seen anything like it but they spend all kinds of time lounging around it, dipping their paws in it and giving each other baths. Merry, our mitted blue, has developed a habit of carrying things in his mouth and dropping them in the water dish. Normally, it's just a piece of paper here or there or a favorite toy, but one morning I woke up and found a dollar bill in the water dish and ever since then Dave and I like to tell our friends that we have a kitty that leaves tips!

UPDATE 01/11: They are about 13lbs each now and totally spoiled.

"Beau" Adopted by Emily, Seattle

Lorna, he's just wonderful....everything I had hoped for in a new companion. He follows me everywhere, sleeps on my pillow, naps in my lap.....and seems to have adjusted very easily to a new home. He's providing hours of entertainment w/his crazy kitten antics....and is learning fast....already he's figured out how to jump up on the window seat so he can look out the window. I can't thank you enough for letting me have him. I couldn't be more pleased...and count myself very lucky.

UPDATE 2/11: He's growing like crazy... and getting stronger and more adventuresome every day. He's learned to play fetch w/his catnip mouse...will play till my arm gets tired of throwing. He's just the sweetest kitty you could ask for.

"Misty and McMuffin" Adopted by
Sandi and Bill, Leavenworth

Hi, Lorna! We are having so much fun, it is amazing how well the transition is going with the kitties. We can't thank you enough for having such well adjusted little ones. It is always a surprise who is the "leader" after a nap. Muffin is more vocal, but Misty Blue is the explorer.

The girls are wonderful and entertaining. McMuffin has a purr that really resonates. She certainly isn't the shy, violet we met during the first visit! She is the talker, head butt baby, and snuggler. Misty Blue is more reserved, but is quietly being friendly.

UPDATE 10/10: What joy you shared with us by having such delightful kitties!

"Lily Blue" Adopted by Tracy & family, Sammamish

Hi Lorna, We are so thankful to have our little addition to our family!! Kate decided to name our kitty "Lily Blue". She is amazing! We all love her so much. She is doing great w/our dog Teddy. Lily did not get much of a chance to walk around our house as either Isabella or Kate was/is always carrying her - but she does not mind. Lily is getting lots of love and attention. She is the sweetest kitten. I grew up always having kittens/cats and she really is the sweetest one!

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